A call for international solidarity with the marginalized people and regions in Tunisia

Five years after the Tunisian revolution,none of the successive governments seems to have any efficient solutions to the problems of unemployment and to alleviate the economic situation of underprivileged regions, victims of marginalization,endemic corruption and poor governance.

In fact, public authorities have remained completely disconnected from the harsh reality of Tunisians , mainly the most underprivileged classes , even at the risk of leading the near collapse of country , laying the ground for a widespread social explosion on a scale that no one could predict the impact.

Facing this long-lasting deadlock and attempts to stifle the protest movements that claim legitimate rights to dignity, employment and peaceful demonstration, the undersigned associations call for an international solidarity to support the protest movements of the unemployed youth, victims of precariousness and poverty, mainly in underprivileged regions, their rights to:

  • Freedom of movement, often impaired within their own country;
  • Freedom of expression and peaceful demonstration subjected to continual police harassment;
  • Employment and equal regional development, clearly stipulated in the constitution

The undersigned associations fully support the protesters and call for the initiation of an effective dialogue with the public authorities so as to provide viable alternatives to the current status quo.




  • FTDES Tunisie
  • CRLDTH Tunisie
  • Réseau EUROMED
  • FMAS Maroc
  • Nomad 08 Redeyef – Tunisie
  • CNIJT Tunisie
  • OMLP (Observatoire Marocain de libertés publiques) Maroc
  • Collectif Démocratie et Modernité Maroc
  • Action Jeunesse / FMAS Maroc
  • Forum Associatif Safi (FAS) Maroc
  • RAJ Algérie
  • ATFD Tunisie
  • AFTURD Tunisie
  • Fédération nationale des associations Amazigh
  • IDD –  Maroc
  • FTCR France
  • LTDH Tunisie
  • LADDH Algérie
  • CLA Algérie
  • ACDA France
  • Association des familles des prisonniers et disparus saharouis (Sahara Occidentale)
  • Plateforme Euro Marocaine MDCD
  • FOBDEC (Forum Beni Zali pour le développement et la communication)
  • Forum vérité Justice Maroc
  • Syndicat Nationale de l’enseignement Maroc
  • Fédération démocratique de travail Maroc
  • CMODH (Coordination magrébine des organisations de droits Humains)
  • CDSM : Collectif pour le droit à la santé au Maroc
  • EUROMED Maroc
  • CDP : comité pour le développement et la patrimoine France
  • Association de recherche des diparus et encadrement des prisonniers tunisiens à l’Etranger ARDEPTE
  • Association Vigilance pour la Démocratie et l’Etat Civique
  • Association Tunisienne de Soutien des Minorités
  • RAJ-Tunisie
  • Association Tunisienne des Droits de l’Enfant
  • Association l’OLIVIER Valence
  • Association Tunisienne pour l’Emploi et l’Émigration – Espace Méditerranéenne
A call for international solidarity with the marginalized people and regions in Tunisia