Ladies and gentlemen:

Regarding the current situation in Tunisia, the Committee for the Respect of Freedom and Human Rights in Tunisia (established in 1996 and known by the French acronym: CRLDHT) found it necessary to publish a monthly newsletter.

Drafted in three languages, Arabic, French and English, the newsletter is intended for those who really care about the future of democracy in this country



EditoRial : The Freedom of Expression and its abuses

Pride and Shame

  1. Ramadan: a test case for freedom of Conscience
  2. The price of being a female artist
  3. Solidarity with Kamel Jendoubi
  4. Postponement of the Superior Council of Magistracy
  5. Governance and Fight against Corruption
  6. Tourism industry: the struggle to survive
  7. Baccalaureate Exam 2016: the first lessons
  1. Egypt: repression as usual


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Newsletter: June 2016